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New flight tracking technology will require all aircraft to have updated equipment in the instrument panel by the year 2020.  Our repair station stays current on the latest information, and will keep you up to date right here on our site. 

  • What is ADS-B, and what is the difference between ADS-B in and ADS-B out?

  • What is the difference between a Mode C transponder and a Mode S Transponder?

  • How does any of this affect you?  Further information is provided below.


What is NextGen and ADS-B and how does it effect General Aviation?

Read the latest from the FAA on this requirement for all GA Aircraft by clicking on the picture below.

ADS-B General Aviation

With all the talk of the mandated requirement for ADS-B, it's time to consider your panel update.  


Schedule a consult with our avionics department to discuss your needs. Whether you are wanting to update to only what is absolutely necessary to remain airworthy, or you are wanting a complete panel overhaul, Augusta Aviation, Inc. is the way to go.  As an authorized dealer for major avionics manufacturers, we offer multiple solutions based on your needs.

Contact Chris Wilson at (706) 733-8970


email for your next avionics quote.

Augusta Aviation, Inc is a proud dealer of these avionics product lines:

NavWorx ADS-B Dealer Augusta
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Avidyne Dealer Augusta
Mid-Continent Instruments Dealer Augusta
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