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August 27, 2016
Brought paperwork on this item, but forgot to leave with Jacob for your consideration of our bid.  
One more to follow
BTW your shop has EXCELLENT employees
Very helpful, courteous and patient with customers who have many questions.
Your employees have won us over.
Dave Hawkins
Jeff Welch

A sincere thank you to the entire Augusta Aviation team for rescuing my flight home Sunday from the Masters. Jim and the team were on the ramp when my starter failed and came right over to help. Augusta Aviation had the part in stock, Jim changed it on the spot and I was wheels up within 2 hours!!! Keep in mind this was during their busiest weekend of the year, thank you Augusta Aviation!!


Denise Bell

Outstanding service


 I was detained overnight by mechanical issues on N560SR this Tuesday. Your Ashley Elim provided truly outstanding, extra-mile service, first by running down a hotel room for me (took seven tries!), then arranging courtesy car use, and just generally providing friendly, hospitable service. And Jim and Tonya in service dept did a fine and innovative job in getting me out yesterday despite a fail by Aviall-Dallas.


Thank you,

George Cates

"My name is John Jenista and am a pilot for EagleMed Air Ambulance.


I recently flew in to Daniel Field (after hours) and want to thank you for the outstanding line service I received.  I regret that I did not write the name down of the lineman who took care of us, but I certainly remember the great service I received.  Please know that your new line employee did an outstanding job and took care of our every need with efficiency and a smile even though I was keeping him from going home at his normal time.  He cheerfully refueled our aircraft, gave us access to a crew car, and ensured that our aircraft was parked and secured for the night.  The quickness and efficiency was most appreciated after a long day of flying.


I always enjoy stopping at Augusta Aviation when our medical transport requires us to come to Augusta.  Thank you again."


John Jenista

Lead Pilot EM-40 Pensacola

"My wife, Margareta and I, are safely home in Connecticut, with no further incidents.  On the afternoon of 10/11 we were enroute from Gainesville, Ga. to Charleston, S.C. on an instrument flight plan.  We had to make an unscheduled stop at Daniel Field when we gradually lost all electrical power.

Providence brought us to KDNL, where you have a full Cirrus service facility.  Luckily we were able to get in contact with Chris Wilson, who we spoke with on Sunday.  We spent the night at the Doubletree hotel (which was very nice), and first thing Monday morning Chris looked at our plane… Turns out circuit breakers to both alternators had popped.  I have many hours in a Bonanza, but a relative few in the Cirrus, and even though I looked, I was unable to identify the problem in the air.  A reset, battery charge, and run-up revealed no other problems, and soon we were on our way to KCHS.

In my 25+ years of flying, I have never had a better experience from an FBO.  Everyone was so very friendly and helpful. From what could have been most unpleasant, we had a nice overnight in Augusta, and were on our way at noon the next day.

Chris was especially helpful in correcting our problem, in showing me how to avoid a similar problem in the future, and he did it all for nothing more than a big smile and handshake.

Thank you all very very much from both of us, and if ever we’re in the area again,  we’ll be sure to stop in."

Dr. and Mrs. Lionel Brown

October, 2015

Frank Mullins Aiken Augusta aviation customer service
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