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Hangar Door Dedication October 26, 2016

Over a time period of eighteen months, through much hard work, dedication, organization, and logistics Augusta Aviation has coordinated the restoration of the World War II era Hangar Doors at Daniel Field to preserve history as well as open a gateway to the economic future of the local region.

Hangar door refurbish augusta aviation Daniel Field airport
hangar door refurbish augusta aviation daniel field airport
We had an amazing ceremony on October 26, 2016 for the dedication of the Hangar Doors that the citizens of Augusta funded. Gov. Deal shared with us that Augusta and the surrounding region is a beacon of hope for many other Georgia communities on what can happen with a dream for success, support from the community, and organization of countless members to accomplish such a task. He also told us that Georgia is an example nation-wide for transportation improvements throughout its cities and interstate systems. He closed by commenting on how important this airport is for the economy of the city and our region and that the future of our city is blossoming. "If these doors could talk, what stories they could tell" - Gov. Deal. Thank you so much for your ongoing support, citizens of Augusta. Find someone today and shake their hand, thanking them for their focus on continued growth of our community because you play such a huge roll!
hangar door dedication refurbish daniel field airport augusta aviation, governor Nathan Deal, Mayor Hardie Davis
We were joined by both the Mayor of Augusta and the Governor of Georgia for this dedication ceremony.  Pictured is both Mayor Hardie Davis Jr. (Left) and Governor Nathan Deal (Right) after unveiling the hangar door plaque to honor the citizens of Augusta.
Daniel Field Airport hangar door dedication steven and karen Gay
Here is the man with a plan, President of Augusta Aviation, Co-Manager of Daniel Field, and Project Manager of the Daniel Field Hangar Door Restoration - Steve Gay, accompanied by his lovely wife and Customer Service Manger - Karen Gay
augusta aviation Daniel field hangar door dedication, Governor Nathan Deal, Becky Shealy,
Back when the TSPLOST (Transportation Special-Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax) was being dreamed of, many were in disbelief that it would ever pass.  Becky Shealy (Co-Manager of Daniel Field and VP of Business Development for Augusta Aviation) pushed the Steve Gay (Her Co-Manager of Daniel Field) to apply for a funding of one million dollars for the Daniel Field Hangar Door Restoration Project.  It was just a rough estimate, but asking for any more was unlikely to be approved and any less was left the possibility to be short on funding.  Daniel Field made the first and likely second cut, but the commission had to downsize their project list list.  At that point Daniel Field had been cut. Becky, through Don Grantham (Chairman of the Georgia State Transportation Board at the time), and Joe Jackson (Augusta Commissioner at the time), lobbied to keep this restoration on the list. They won, and the rest is history.  Without Becky there would have been no funds, even today to redo the doors.  Thank you Becky for your hard work and dedication.  The legacy of Daniel Field will continue to live on through the unforeseeable future as a glimmer of hope as well as a gateway to and from anywhere for the region!
augusta aviation, daniel field airport, repainting hangar
Barbara Hill (Executive Assistant at Augusta Aviation) served as a very instrumental assistant to Steve Gay (Project Manager for the Daniel Field Hangar Door Restoration Project) throughout the entire process of the restoration. Without her backup and prodding there is a high potential that this eighteen month project would have taken much more time, says Steve.  She worked tirelessly in all aspects of the paperwork, helping choose glass, colors, and many more tedious details.  There was a basic, vague set of plans laid out, which left much to be decided as the project developed, and Barbara was a very vital part of those decisions.
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