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Augusta Aviation Flight School c172



Aircraft Available

Cessna 172M                $160/hour

Piper Archer II               $160/hour

Piper Arrow                   $195/hour


Flight Instruction           $  70/hour

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The Private Pilot Rating – It All Starts HERE!

The FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight hours before a student can take the practical exam - or "check ride" as it is referred to -  with an FAA examiner. To build up to this 40 hours, the student will establish a relationship with the flight instructor by going over basic things on the ground such as learning traffic, checking weather, filing flight plans and weight and balance. The student will be incorporating flight time along with some of the things being discussed on the ground. Usually within 10-15 hours of flight time, the student is ready to solo (fly the airplane without the instructor). This time can vary based on the student's comfort level. The student and instructor will KNOW when it's time.


Other things required in the training program are 3 hours of night flying, 3 hours of cross-country and 3 hours of simulated IFR-Instrument Flight Reference (looking at the instruments in the cockpit and navigating from these instruments); all are done with the instructor. Instructor and student flight time together is a minimum of 20 hours.


There is a written exam as well as a practical exam that students must pass in order to acquire a private pilot's certificate. Augusta Aviation, Inc. has all the material needed to prepare and successfully pass the written portion of the course. The written exam consists of 60 questions which are pulled from a test bank of about 800 questions. The test bank is available to the student prior to the exam for study purposes. The student must pass the written test before taking the practical exam.


The practical exam, or check ride, is nothing more than the student flying with an FAA examiner to prove the student's competence as a pilot. The FAA examiner and the Flight Instructor ARE NOT the same person. As mentioned earlier, the FAA requires a minimum of 40 flight hours before taking the check ride. Some students feel they need more time in the plane before taking the check ride. This is perfectly normal as the average time logged for the private rating is 60 hours.


We offer an  Introductory Flight Lesson for $190, and we highly recommend this before committing to any classes.  During this one-hour lesson, the flight instructor will spend about 30 minutes on the ground discussing the mechanics of the airplane and about 30 minutes in flight.  It is a great way to determine if flight training is really for you.


As of October 2004 the Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) require that all students learning to fly must show proof of American citizenship. Because of this ruling, we must see a government issued photo I.D. AND a certified copy of Certificate of Birth or a current U.S. Passport. Please bring these credentials with you at the time of your first lesson. We will photocopy this information and keep on file for five (5) years.

The average cost for a student to receive the Private Pilot's Certificate is about $16,500.  This price includes the private pilot kit, headset, written exam and the check ride.   Unlike tuition, this money is not due up front, but rather pay as you go.

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