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We saved the best for last! While this may not be orthodox to Black History Month, we just could not pass up the opportunity to acknowledge 3 of our very best. Augusta Aviation is beyond honored to have these men working on our team. They have made a huge positive impact on the company with the knowledge and work ethic they possess.

Rogelio "Ro" Grant

Rogelio was born and raised in Panama. His interest in aviation was peaked by a friend working at the Panamanian Flight Service Station who told Ro there was an opening in the Radar Control Center for an Air Traffic Controller. Ro applied for the training and was accepted. He received his training and certification as an air traffic controller by the American FAA. He worked as a controller for the Panamanian government for 14 years in the Radar Control Center. Following his time as ATC, Ro worked for the United States Army South Region as a civilian employee of Panama. His role was administrative support for personnel interaction of the U.S. soldiers stationed there. His human resources skills proved prudent and kept him in this position for 10 years, until he left for the United States to work for Augusta Aviation, Inc.

Rogelio, affectionally called “Ro” by all of us at Augusta Aviation, Inc., has been a vital part of our team since 1999. He started on our team as a line service technician. Ro was promoted to Line Service Supervisor in 2007 and still holds that title today. His work ethic and dedication has gained him the respect of our customers and employees. Rogelio’s responsibilities include answering to the FAA and GDOT regarding the quality control of our line service training, jet fuel, and 100LL.


Jacob Postell

Jacob’s aviation career started in the military. He served in the United States Air Force as an engine mechanic on F16 fighter jets and KC-135 tankers (military aerial refueling aircraft). After proudly serving our military for 13 years, Jacob’s transition to the civilian world landed him at Augusta Aviation, Inc.

In 2016, Jacob joined our team as an avionics technician. He received all his avionics training under our 145 Repair Station. His hard work, long hours, attention to detail and a love of systems and diagrams paid off. Jacob quickly earned his 145 repairman certificate and currently holds the title of Chief Avionics Inspector.

In addition to his job responsibilities at Augusta Aviation, Inc., Jacob is also heavily involved in our local school STEM programs. He is often asked to speak to middle and high school classes regarding how STEM is used in the aviation industry on a daily basis.


Antony "Tony" Wanjau

Born and raised in Kenya, Antony’s love of aviation started at a young age after his first visit to the Wilson Airport in Kenya. After high school, he worked for Aircraft Leasing Services at Wilson Airport until the age of 20. He then left for the Ukraine to enroll in the aeronautical engineering program at the National Aerospace University in Kharkov. Tony received both his Bachelor and Master of Aeronautical Engineering while enrolled at the university. After completing his studies in the Ukraine, Tony moved back to Kenya and earned his A&P licenses through the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

While working at Wilson Airport, he frequently lectured at Egerton University in Kenya and was noticed by the faculty for his professionalism. Tony was approached by the staff to help start the aeronautical engineering program at Egerton as a remote campus of Western Michigan University. His commitment to the task at hand led to the implementation of the aeronautical engineering courses at Egerton. A Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering is offered at Egerton University Kenya today because of Tony’s dedication.

In 2016, Antony came to work for Augusta Aviation, Inc. as a line service technician. His prior education in the aviation industry quickly led him to become the Assistant Line Service Supervisor.

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